A Photographic Counter Space

shows a world that exists behind the photographs.
A compilation of moments that happen on the other side of the camera and pass without noticing. It is an artistic ‘behind the scenes’.

To be beyond human


How do we see the human body and how do we experience it and how does ‘seeing’ influence how we experience our body? In my photographic work I re-explore the body in relation to its environment and the objects within that environment. By capturing the body as an object outside of the stereotypical seductive appearances and shapes, I change the way we look and so the experience following.

In my work and serie To be beyond human, I choose to approach the body not merely as a solid given, because by believing in its physical adaptability, it can re-emerge and transform. By letting go of what we know about the human body, its boundaries and its limits, I create a new relationship between how we see the body and how we relate to it. In my work the body is no longer a smooth surface but a three-dimensional thing that can be situated between a dead object and a living and breathing person.