A Photographic Counter Space

shows a world that exists behind the photographs.
A compilation of moments that happen on the other side of the camera and pass without noticing. It is an artistic ‘behind the scenes’.

To be beyond human

In the ongoing series, To be beyond human, I am searching for new imaginative possibilities of the human body in relation to the environment.
I explore how the body with its physical possibilities, can be re-shaped  by letting go of everything we know about the human body, its limits and limitations. By believing in its physical adaptability, it can re-emerge and transform.

In the beginning there is an idea, a sketchy arrangement of people in an environment that takes place only in the imagination. Sometimes a photograph remains just a thought for years, until the right people are together in the right place at the right time. Then the great absurd performance can begin. A game in which everyone plays their own role, alternating perseverance and fun. The photograph is the result of this.