The world is a complex and overwhelming place. And I believe the way you feel defines how you look and experience it. Sometimes you may find yourself underneath the stars with eternity as your best friend. Another time you might look for safety between the walls that surround you, when the world exists only within your room. In both cases you have the possibility to explore, to stumble upon or find something you weren’t looking for. Everyone can be an explorer. So be your own researcher and question yourself, the other, your surroundings, the living room, the crack in the wall or that little piece of fluff on the couch. See, watch and behold. Be bewildered, transform and re-emerge. If you are willing to change your position in the world and dare to look beyond the obvious, then the world may surprise you. I want you to have a new perspective on reality. I want you to see the extraordinary in ordinary life. You will see more, watch differently and feel stronger.

Be an explorer

And see the extraordinary in ordinary life.