In the last few years I have redefined my artistic practice as a visual artist and the way I see and analyse the human body.
In my work I re-explore the body in relation to its environment and the objects within that environment.

I choose to approach the body not merely as a solid given, because by believing in its physical adaptability, it can re-emerge and transform.
My work is about letting go of what we know about the human body, its boundaries and its limits.

Now it’s an object, a thing. A transformation from subject to object has occurred. But what if the subject is the object, or both? Maybe it is time that we abolish the dissimilarity between the two terms. With my work I want to challenge the spectator to step out of the familiar object-subject dichotomy.

All of my photographs and other works are part of one comprehensive artistic research. I often retake a photograph (due to my perfectionism), only to later discover that the photograph doesn’t allow itself to be retaken. Instead, a new work with its own identity has originated. I work mostly on location because my fascination lies in the new relationship between the body and the different spaces it inhabits.